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18 August 2006 @ 02:13 am
[Fanfic Paper Doll]  
Title: Paper Doll
Author: Krystal_Ice
Rating: PG-13 just to be safe
Word Count: 2,069
Pairing: Kurogane/Fai
Notes: My computer went dead for a week. This also in Kurogane's point of view =o
Warnings: None at all
Prompt: Kurogane, Fai and a voodoo doll just for you paper_fox

Kurogane awoke with a start.

He wasn’t really breathing hard, but he could feel his chest move a lot faster than what it regularly needed to. His eyes felt heavy with lack of sleep and his body was slightly glistened with sweat. After he was certain that what he had just experienced was indeed only a dream, he sat up with a steady frown. Kurogane then glanced around the room wearily before stopping at the futon that lay a small distance away. Casually hidden in blankets lay the man he was beginning to hate with a passion. Cuddled up to his neck was the cause of his late torment. Well, what he believed and was sure of, without any evidence.

Kurogane had to find some way to destroy it. He didn’t know where the ridiculous thing had come from (He supposed from that world with people in masks and celebrations) or even as to why it was now traveling with them, but enough was enough.
Did the idiot have no shame? A grown man like him playing with dolls? It was out of the question!

Kurogane couldn’t help but scowl at how peacefully asleep Fai was. As if the mage read his thoughts, Fai shifted in his sleep so that he was now resting on his stomach. His hold on the doll, (to Kurogane’s disappointment) never weakening.

“Damn mage…”

He had thought it had been brilliant plan when he had first come up with it. All he had to do was wait for the perfect moment, after the mage had fallen asleep, to pluck the stupid thing out of his hands to dispose it. Fate hadn’t been kind and his plan decided to go against him. He had spent all these months with the mage to barely find out he was a light sleeper.

”Kuro-pin? What were you trying to do to Kuro-chibi?” Fai had said in hazy slur, blue eyes blinking at him owlishly. Kurogane had to try hard to control his rage, lest he wanted to have the whole neighborhood wake up.

“Don’t call it that,” he had hissed at the mage.

“Aww but it looks just like you. Don’t you agree?”

It was too early for him to have to deal with Fai’s teases and foolish smiles. Instead he had just grunted in annoyance and gone sleep, leaving the chuckling idiot to his insanity.

Tonight, he was resting on his side on the floor, his eyes still trying to make out the doll’s silhouette through the darkness of the room. He had to admit, the doll did suspiciously look as if it was trying to pass off as a miniature of version of him. Even the little bit of hair it had looked like his. Either way, it gave him another reason to add to his list on why he should get rid of it. Not only did the mage take the stupid thing with him everywhere, but he would also ignore the real Kurogane to talk to the doll instead. Of course he had been glad to finally get the man to leave him. After a while though, things turned from relief to ridiculous. It angered him whenever he tried to talk to Fai to find out that he had been left talking to himself over some stupid doll. Not only that; it also made him look like a fool in front of the brat and his princess.

The kids didn’t seem to care about the doll, but he could tell the white pork bun felt left out at times. After all, it had always been the one that the mage would talk to. Later on, the pork bun had decided to ask and now it and the mage would stare at Kurogane and end in a fit of giggles. This was obviously a secret that he wasn’t supposed to find out about anytime soon. Not that he was going to let that stop him. He had already spent enough nights waking up to disturbing dreams about him and the blonde. Thinking about this made his stomach drop, giving him an unusual sensation and a chill running through his spine. Kurogane’s mind decided to linger on the conversations held, the lustful glances, the nerve wracking touches, the doll staring at them only a few feet away….

A whisper in his ear, their bodies too close for comfort.

“Just admit it Kuro-puu. You know it’s true.”

A non amused growl

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, so cut it out.”

“Hmm… I don’t think so…”

A pause

“What do you want from me?”

“You’ll see Kuro-rin, you’ll see. Just don’t make me punish you even more than necessary…”

Kurogane stopped his memories of the nightmare to cling on to the word ‘punish’.
It had given him a strange sense of Déjà vu that left him troubled. Where had he heard the mage say that before? Was it in another dream?
He began to rub his temples in small circles with his fingers, trying to distinguish the difference between his reality and night time illusions. After all, his mind wasn’t very clear due to the lack of sleep. He knitted his brow, in search of concentration. His crimson eyes disappeared beneath eyelids.

”Punish….punish…punish…” he repeated to himself in some kind of mantra. His voice was beginning to fade each time he repeated it, and his mind began wandering dangerously to the edge of unconsciousness.

…if Kuro-woof doesn’t behave, I’ll have to punish you.”

A long breath he didn’t know he was holding was released. It was finally coming back him. It had been a few days ago when the brat, mage, pork bun and him were going to search for the feather while the princess rested in someone’s care. Everything had been just fine until they came up to the opponent who wasn’t quite ready to give up the feather.
If Kurogane hadn’t been so intent on training the boy, he would have already beaten the man with a quick flash of Souhi. The brat on the other hand was having trouble keeping up with the stubborn man and had gained a few cuts and bruises.

“Syaoran-kun is so cool, right Kuro-chibi?”

Kurogane had tensed, turning to the man next to him with a look of pure hatred.

“You brought that thing along again didn’t you?”

Fai would have almost passed off as looking embarrassed.


In the next moment Kurogane had pulled put his sword and held it a few inches away from a pair of passive blue eyes.

“Put it away before I rip it to shreds,” he snarled, but the blond continued to act unfazed and only pouted. Fai then had pushed the sword away and tsked at him. The moment Fai had begun to open his mouth; Kurogane knew that the words were going to be idiotic.

“Kuro-chibi just wanted to be with mommy,” he whined giving the small thing a kiss.

Rage and other feelings burned with a passion.

“It’s just a doll you idiot!”

Fai gave him an annoying smirk and had started to move the doll from side to side in front of his face. It wasn’t until only after Kurogane had tried to snatch it away and failed, that the mage spoke.

“Silly Kuro-tin, this is no ordinary doll. It’s called a Voodoo doll.”

Kurogane watched as he pulled out a few pins from a little box in his pocket, and held them close to the doll.

”If Kuro-woof doesn’t behave, it looks like I’ll have to punish you…”

He didn’t know what Fai had meant by that, but it was enough to leave him on edge with the mage for the rest of the day. Kurogane wasn’t sure if it had been his imagination, but he thought he could feel sharp prickles of pain on his body from time to time. He felt it even more so when the other man seemed to be brooding.

Kurogane opened his eyes, moving from his now uncomfortable position.

Thinking back, that hadn’t been the only bizarre occurrence. There had been the time when, right before going to sleep, that Fai had started talking to the doll again. He had been mentioning those absurd ideas about feeling lonely and wishing someone strong would take him along. Kurogane had merely snorted and gotten into his futon. His plans of the doll’s disappearance were once again filling his head.

He didn’t know how he winded up in the mage’s bed the next morning, but he was never going to forget Fai’s self satisfied grin. In shock, he had pushed the man snuggled up to him, yelling and chasing the mage with insults every now and then. For the rest of the day he had done this when Fai even so much as glanced his way. The mage had explained to the kids that it was his way of pouting.

Coming back to his senses, Kurogane found himself surrounded in a dimmer darkness. It was probably close to dawn and somehow he was now leaning over the blonde’s futon, hands ready to encircle the stupid toy. This was it. It was now or never. Well, never didn’t sound good enough Kurogane, so he tightened his grip and pulled.
The thing slid surprisingly easy from its owner’s fingers that he held the doll baffled for a moment.



A slight panic crept over him, but he forced it down.


Fai seemed to study him for a moment: his face hidden in the shadows.

“Give me a good reason and I’ll let you destroy it…” he muttered darkly.

Kurogane chuckled at this perhaps a bit too cruelly.

“You’re not getting this back, no matter what I say.”

Fai moved closer so that Kurogane could see his face. The mage gave him an impatient smile. “Why? Were you jealous of the little kisses I gave to Kuro-chibi and not you?”

Wait. What the hell?

Kurogane flushed for what he thought was no good reason at all.

“That has nothing to do with it!” he yelled trying to cover up his embarrassment. Why couldn’t the idiot be serious for once?

“Well? Why do you want to get rid of it?”

“The stupid thing is cursed…” was all he could come up with his humiliated mind. He list going down the drain.

“Is that all?” Fai’s voice seemed to sadden.


Wait. Had Fai been trying to make him jealous? Everything the mage had done and said rushed back to him. Sticking the pieces of the puzzle together, it made sense. But then…he thought about his reactions and feelings and his eyes widened.

It was then Fai’s turn to laugh, “I was right wasn’t I?”

“You jinxed me with that stupid doll didn’t you? That’s what it does, doesn’t it?”

“So it did make you jealous! Silly Kuro-ku, the lady who gave it to me said that Voodoo dolls are used to represent the spirit of a person. That if I wanted to, I could address the doll as if you are talking to that person, requesting a change in attitude, influencing the person to act in accordance with my wishes and my desires. She also told me that I could use pins to get revenge on someone by poking the doll with it…but she said it was only a superstition…heehee.”

At this news Kurogane’s head snapped up and away from the mage. He was scowling and he gave a small grunt; his pride flaring at admitting anything. Instead he shoved the doll back into Fai’s arms and got up to go to bed.


He heard some loud ruffling of covers, a few quick steps, a tug in his arm and a slight brush of lips on his cheek.

Pride and every other emotion left his brain and he just stared wide eyed at a chuckling but blushing Fai.

“That’s Daddy’s reward for having to put up with Mommy’s fun. Good night!”

Just like that, the mage winked at him and went back to his own Futon. He grabbed the voodoo doll and lay back down with it cuddled up to his chest.

“Oh by the way, I had to cut off a bit of your hair to tie you and the doll together. I hope you don’t mind…”

Heat boiled throughout his body and his face twisted into pure anger.

“I’m going to kill you!”


First of all, I wanted to say I’m sorry for posting this up so late Paper_Fox.
But I’m such a slow typer and the owner of a crappy computer that never works *sighs*
Could you tell I had no idea on how voodoo dolls worked? I had to do research on it and I just hope you’re happy with the results. Er…and I’m sorry if I made either character OOC. >.<;

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Star: Fai!yuzora on August 18th, 2006 08:04 am (UTC)
You did a decent job with the Vodun doll. I'm from New Orleans and you really did a pretty good job at finding information about the dolls. Originally, Voodoo was called Vodun and still is in certain places.

The story was good too. Felt a little awkward in spots but all in all, I enjoyed it. It was a nice read. ^_-
paper_foxpaper_fox on August 20th, 2006 12:34 am (UTC)
Gah! Sorry about making you do research on this subject. I honestly don't know much about voodoo dolls either; I just thought a voodoo doll in Fai's hands would probably wreck havoc and it would be fun to write.

The characters are fine. Fai's silliness getting offset by Kurogane's gruffiness, and their awkward and rather uncomfortable relationship is played off well here. I hope you enjoyed writing it!
krystal_icekrystal_ice on August 26th, 2006 01:35 am (UTC)
Ah I meant to write this sooner, but thanks! ^^
It was no problem having to research it, I was just worried that maybe you did know about voodoo dolls and then I would look silly if I made stuff up XD
But I have to admit I found some pretty interesting stuff, So I had fun. Afterall, even if I might suck at it, I love to write stories XD;

Now I have to patiently await my story o_o;