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19 August 2006 @ 10:16 am
[fic] Paint and Pain  
Title: Paint and Pain
Author: okami_rei
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kurogane x Fai x Ashura
Prompt type thing: Fai, Paint, Angst
Word Count: 500
For: peach_feet
A/N: Sorry it's late, I figured out I was off by about 100 words so I had to re-write it.^^;

“Monsieur, could you please explain to us the meaning of your painting?” asked the French guide, pointing at the canvas that was splashed with large blots of dark blood red, ice blue, and black. It was a recent popular painting, painted by a foreigner who had just recently come to France from another country.
 The Artist, Fai D. Flowright, a tall and very lean blond with sad, sky-blue eyes, blinked slowly in reply. He smiled. “Oui, it’s…a fight between two men I loved.”
‘And I had lost both of them…’ The blond bowed his head, preventing others from seeing the tears that had started welling in his eyes.
It had indeed been a terrifying and dangerous night in the time of the dreadful event. Ashura, the king of Celes that Fai had sealed, had released himself and began in search for the traitor in pure rage. They were lovers before, but the damn blond wizard betrayed him. Ashura eventually found the wizard, along with a crimson-eyed ninja who went by the name Kurogane. Furious, a battle broke out between Ashura and the black-haired ninja, and the wizard could only watch helplessly with shock. The ninja passed away that very night, before the very eyes of his blue-eyed lover. And Ashura, the king of Celes, the former lover of Fai D. Flowright, fell fatally wounded into the arms of the magician, and breathed his last breath.
‘“No, this can’t have happened; it can’t have! Kurogane…Ashura…”’
Fai suddenly kneeled onto the ground, gripping his long blond hair while his Navy blue beret fell onto the floor as the bloody scene of the fight flashed back in his head. ‘Why did this have to happen? Because I was a coward?’ He thought he had finally found someone he could hold onto forever, but now it had been destroyed, obliterated along with the rest of his dreams and hopes.
It was then that Fai had decided to stay here in France, when the round white creature named Mokona had brought him, the princess and the brown-haired boy to this country. It was peaceful here, and he discovered the wonder of paint. He began to use the paints to release the sorrow of his loss, as if they were like healing spells. Not long after, his works were spotted by a passing reporter, who became awed by Fai’s paintings. Soon word spread across towns, across cities, about this Fai D. Flowright, and the blond wizard very quickly became well known.
“Monsieur, are you all right?”
The blond looked up; he had forgotten he was still here. Masking his usual fake smile upon his face, Fai D. Flowright chuckled and returned an answer to the nervous guide and tourists. “I’m perfectly fine.”
Then suddenly, a thought had come to him. ‘Now, I no longer need to run…’

‘No longer do I need to run from him;
no longer do I need to hide.
No longer do I need to travel worlds,
and face the dangers ahead.‘

juliapeach_feet on August 23rd, 2006 09:23 pm (UTC)
I love it! Good show :)