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23 August 2006 @ 05:05 pm
very late fic  
Title: Chai (how uninventive, I KNOW)
Author: peach_feet
Rating: PG
Prompts: Fai, tea, an awkward moment, no romance
For: caroltrue
Note: I'm really sorry it's late! We were on vacation, and...well, it needed editing. I hope you like!

You stroll through the dark aisles of dirty glass jars, fingers brushing against each, occasionally stopping to open one and sniff the contents. You are in your favourite new hideout, far away from the bustle of the city, even farther from your problems. You finally stop, holding two jars. Choosing which one you will end up with takes long deliberation. Eventually you choose the one in your right hand, and carefully put the other back in its place. You call over the salesman who gives you a long, appraising look, and takes the jar from you. You pull out some coins, and the contents, now shoved into a small paper bag, are bought.

You walk home in the rain. You have an umbrella, but you don’t open it. By the time you reach your flat, your clothes are soaked and your auburn hair is plastered to your face. There is no fumbling for your keys, as your door is never locked. You enjoy the symbolism in this simple gesture. You glance at the mirror before calling out your return, hoping Fai will hear it. You look a fright…you attempt to calm your dishevelled look, but Fai gets to you first.

Hello Michael, he smiles. You smile a reply, and offer him your bag.

You watch as Fai pours the tea, slowly, not spilling a drop. You note the sureness of his hands, the lightness of manner. You close your eyes and sigh, letting the fruitful aroma invade your nostrils. It takes you back…to lost loves, inconsolable mothers, sulky children…

Fai watches you out of the corner of his eye. He knows your relationship with tea, its healing aspects mostly, and respects you for it. You know this too, but you don’t like talking about your work. In fact, Fai has been getting more and more curious about it lately…you don’t usually tell him much about your patients, but sometimes, about a humorous interview or a strange symptom, you confide…over a cup of tea.

Michael, he says, looking up. You remember that man that came to you recently? The young one, with blindness in one eye?

Yes, you remember. Why does he ask? He’s never taken this much of an interest…to ask you outright. You put on a politely puzzled face and nod, watching him carefully.

Ahh, he says. Is he well?


Good...Fai sighs in contentedly and gives you your tea. You don’t thank him. Instead, you ask why he cares. His perfect brows raise, intrigued. Must I have a reason?



I just want to know…

Ah. Michael, has it ever occurred to you that I might have friends outside of you and Isadora? The remark isn’t intended to wound, but it does nonetheless...and it’s true. You never did consider, did you?

I’m sorry...

Fai smiles crookedly, and sips his tea. I know, Michael.

The moment has passed. You both sit quietly, drinking your respective teas. Finally you remember his question, and blush a little.

He’s fine.

Fai smiles truly this time, and his face lights up a little. Good, he replies. I had wondered.

You drain the dregs, and wash the pot, storing it carefully on the shelf. Then you glance in the mirror and go to work.
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caroltrue on August 24th, 2006 09:09 pm (UTC)
This is very different- which was what I was looking for actually so thank you for that. ^^ I do get the impression that there is a larger story in here than what you actually wrote though? Is there or is that just me? ^^;;
I love your story telling voice and that you didn't take Fai's pov but that of an outsider looking in.
And Syaoran got his little mention in to. XD