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01 October 2006 @ 08:13 pm

Author: ria_chan
Title: Falling Snow
Rating: PG (Almost-suggestive themes)
Warnings: None, whatsoever
Pairing: Kuro/Fai, of course
Status: One-Shot
Disclaimer: I don't own Kurogane, Fai, TRC, ect
A/N: Set in AU, sadly. I'm not very good with this sort of POV or the suspense theme that makes you hold your breath during the fic in anticipation. I just wanted to try something a little different and this is the result. Challenge will be posted at the end of the fic for certain reasons... On-ward ho!

There was snow falling outside silently. It was just like that day… The day his life changed… The day he left his old life to rot in the dust, the day that turned him into the person he was today, the day that marked the start of an epiphany.
Kurogane glared at him in an all-too-knowing way. Somehow Fai got the feeling that Kurogane knew exactly what was on his mind – that snowy land encasing his already-frozen heart over with a new sheet of sleet. Crimson eyes burned through the dim light in a way that made Fai melt inside.

Kurogane groaned in an irritated way Fai knew all too much. Fai was thinking about him. Fai was thinking about his lips, the pale skin under his clothes that didn’t match the rest of his body, and the friction of sticky sheets in between two sweating bodies. Fai was thinking about seduction and how much of a burden his regret was. Scarlet eyes glanced around the room.

It was dark with only a fireplace and candles setting light. Architecture and fashion of this world was similar to Spirit’s – Fai referred to it as, ‘old-fashioned.’ The clothing consisted of layers of lace and difficult embellishments. It was hard just to walk in them but at least they were free of the hollowing winds and the freezing chill.

Fai looked up with pleading eyes and wells of tears in his eyes. He felt like crying – he knew Kurogane could see right through him. He knew Kurogane was aware of his innermost, personal thoughts. He knew Kurogane had ulterior motives and was going to take advantage of his broken self-doubt. Still, he needed to know for sure. "Do you know what’s on my mind, Kurogane?"

"…Yeah. And I don’t like it," the ninja growled. His eyes glared before he arose from his rocking chair. He grabbed a blanket from the chair and held it firmly between his fingers. As he strolled over to the wizard, he kept solid eye-contact. He stood before Fai. Eventually he leaned over Fai and kissed the blond male’s slender neck.

The blanket was pulled over Fai before he could reject it. A shiver ran through his spine. The snow was falling outside harder than ever. He could feel the pounding sensation of snow hitting the ground and swallowing up the earth. It got so bad he couldn’t breathe anymore. He felt like suffocating and yet he couldn’t deny Kurogane of the pleasure he was feeling.

Kurogane lifted Fai’s slender chin, adjusting the svelte figure beneath him to his liking. Fai was so close…too close. He could smell the rose-scented body-wash Fai lathered on earlier and the smell of cheap perfume and wine. A smirk formed before he stood up. Fai was manipulating him without doing anything. In an instant he decided he no longer wanted the wizard. Fai only wanted to remember the pain and pleasure, using Kurogane as a means of getting what he wanted. He grimaced in the mundane way Fai had become accustomed to.

Fai smiled somberly, hiding the hurt as he nodded his head. "Then you know what I want. Don’t stop, Kuro-Bon. Continue – break me like I’ve never been broken before. Remind me of what it was like that time-"

"Shut up," Kurogane grumbled annoyed. His eyes wandered about aimlessly before falling on Fai. His smirk returned in a satisfied way. Grabbing Fai’s wrist, he shoved three coats atop Fai’s clothing before opening the door to the chill. Fai’s eyes widened as he bit his bottom lip. This was not good – he had only angered Kurogane. There was no telling what the ninja might do to him now.

Kurogane shove his knuckles into Fai’s right shoulder-blade. "Well, get out there."

"It’s cold," Fai whispered, slinking into Kurogane’s chest as if he were frightened of the cold.

Kurogane snorted in anger. Snow was falling. He couldn’t just stand by idly…there was something that needed to be done – something he needed to get out of his system and make public to Fai once and for all. "Then I’ll warm you up afterwards," he growled into the blond male’s ear. He embraced Fai in a reassuring way as another kiss was placed on the side of Fai’s neck. "But for now, let’s go make some snow-angels."

Snow was crashing outside, colliding with the bitter taste of wind. Yet Fai couldn’t help but smile – it was just like the day Kurogane had professed his love.

Challenge: Must have Fai, Kurogane, and Snow. Must not have any mentions of Celes, Ashura, ect. Written for: krystal_ice
Afterthoughts: It was all literal... (dizzy) Yes, that kinda bombed but what the Hell. Please leave me a note, review, cookie, criticism, or just a simple, 'hello.' It's all very much appriciated.

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krystal_icekrystal_ice on October 2nd, 2006 05:55 am (UTC)
Yay! Thank you so much for posting up the story I requested. ^_^
*Hands out a cookie*
I liked it very much, especially the way you portrayed Kurogane <3
I shall be saving this...